All About Me!

Welcome, I’m Jelly Jess and I am called that because I never get jealous of people, items, and even pets! You will see posts of dogs, school, travel and even posts about friends and holidays. My favorite food is jelly and the best flavor is cherry, in my opinion!

My hobbies involve crafts, playing games, and eating jelly! My favorite arts and crafts are making things like stuffed animals, drawings, and flags! My favorite game is Roblox and Minecraft. When I  have free time, I’m either outside, eating jelly, or playing those games! When I’m playing Roblox I’m playing with my friend!

Eating jelly is a fun thing to eat, but when I’m not eating jelly I’m eating strawberries! Strawberries are healthy and I also like strawberry jelly so I eat strawberries often!

My favorite subject in jelly school is doing blogging and maybe eating jelly, but not often. Sometimes my posts will be about jelly!

 I would like it if you tell me what you do when you ever get jealous. I hope you will comment on my posts! Also please bring me some jelly! All I want you to feel when you visit my blog is to be happy and be joyful!      Yum, jelly!


This was my breakfast it as so good and full of yummy flavor!



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  1. Hi, Jelly Jess!

    My name is Mrs. Wohlafka, and I am a commenter for Student Blogging Challenge.

    I like making drawings, too! What kinds of things do you like to draw?

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